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  • Second Concert Approaching!

    Did you miss our Herndon High School concert?  Fear not!  We have one more concert this season at Rockville High School.  Click the link below for details! Read More
  • Join the WMGSO!

    Do you play an instrument or sing?  Is your mp3 player full of video game music?  Are you age 18 years old or over?  If you answered yes to these questions, then the WMGSO wants YOU to sign up to join us!  Click the link below for more information! Read More
  • Donate!

    Running a community orchestra is expensive.  Your donations help us cover things such as our rehearsal space, concert venues, equipment rentals, and music performance rights.  Please consider donating to us so that we can continue to bring you great and fun music! Read More
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Upcoming Events

Our Fall season has concluded, but we are hard at work planning out the schedule for our Spring season.  Please check back regularly for details!

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Thanks, everyone, for helping us conclude another great season. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!
RT @ConfidentGamers: Just a great performance and turn out. @wmgso #wmgso
.@arrowned Thanks so much! We have a great time playing!
RT @arrowned: Always a good time listening to the @WMGSO play.